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One Sizzling Sector

Restaurants: Downtown 

Restaurants: Downtown 
Quick Facts

  • There are over 100 Restaurants in Downtown


  • Every dollar spent in the Full-Service Restaurant (FSR) Segment contributes $1.83 to Washington’s Economy.


  • Every dollar spent in the Limited-Service Restaurant (LSR)Segment contributes $1.57 to Washington’s Economy.


  • Sales Figures for Restaurants have risen over $10 million per year since 2012 in Federal Way.


  • Citywide, Restaurants are second only to the General Merchandise Sector by Sales.


  • Similar to National Percentages, 46 percent are FSR’s while 54 percent are LSR’s in Downtown Federal Way.


  • 50 Percent of the Restaurants in Federal Way (104) are Downtown.


  • Over 60 Percent of the Restaurants in Downtown are Local or Regional Establishments.


  • The trade market includes an estimated 250,000 local consumers including an
    estimated daytime labor force of 25,000 that commutes into Federal Way. It also
    includes more than 1 million annual business and leisure tourists for overnight
    and day trips.


  • In 2014, Families Started Spending More Money on Eating Out than they did on Buying Groceries.


  • There could be a scenario where by 2030 most meals currently cooked at home are instead ordered online and delivered from either restaurants or central kitchens.


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