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Medical, Dental, Optical, & Health Services

Downtown Federal Way


Downtown Federal Way is served by 32 medical and healthcare providers. There are three urgent cares, five primary cares, eight dental clinics, five chiropractic/acupuncture offices, four optical facilities, four massage clinics, one hearing specialist, one pediatric clinic and one physical therapy provider.

Recent Healthcare Facility Openings
MultiCare expanded its line of high-end Indigo Urgent Care Clinics with a new location in Gateway Center Plaza in 2018, bringing together convenience and high-touch services to transform the health care experience for consumers.

The philosophy and design of Indigo Urgent Care clinics presents a new health care experience from the moment a patient walks in, catering to individuals who want high quality care — fast. Patients can schedule appointment times online and upon arrival are met by a health care “concierge” who will see to their needs from the time they walk in the door, to the time they go on their way. The ambiance resembles a coffee shop with amenities such as complimentary coffee, water, Wi-Fi service, and charging stations that create a relaxing environment.


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