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Food & Beverage Stores

Downtown Federal Way


Downtown Federal Way has nine food and beverage stores along with a grocery store adjacent to the downtown for a total of ten establishments. Of those establishments eight are national chains while two are local and regional chains. The presence of two ethnically focused grocery store chains, H Mart, an Asian grocery store chain, and Campeón Market illustrate that customers can and do find a variety of ethnically-focused grocery options in Downtown Federal Way.

There are five grocery stores, three convenience stores, and a liquor store. Additionally, Walmart and
Target offer a limited selection of food and beverage goods. The following lists the numbers and types of establishments found in the City Center.

Grocery Store Closures and Replacements
Top Food & Drug closed in 2013. Although the store was not replaced with another grocery store, the
facility underwent renovation and has been occupied by a variety of general merchandise retailers. Additionally, Campeón Market replaced Haggins, which previously replaced Albertsons in 2017.


Download Individual Aspects of the Food & Beverage Stores Report Below

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