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Electronics & Appliance Stores

Downtown Federal Way


Downtown Federal Way has 18 electronics and appliance establishments. Of those establishments, 13 sell products exclusively in this category where 10 are cell phone stores and the rest are electronic stores such as Best Buy, Car Toys, and a local computer store. Though not exclusively focused in this category, Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Home & Home, and Teletron also offer a variety of electronics and small appliances.

As previously identified, out of the top ten appliance stores nationwide, downtown Federal Way has Best Buy and Walmart. Sears closed in 2018. While not in the downtown, Federal Way does have Lowes, Home Depot, and Costco in other areas of the city.

Recent Store Closures

Businesses come and businesses go. Unfortunately, there is no longer a RadioShack in downtown or in the city. Competition from e-commerce is challenging many electronics retailers. In addition, Sears closed in April 2018 following its bankruptcy filing in October 2018. The facility is located in The Commons Mall, and it remains vacant.

Recent Store Openings

There continues to be a healthy demand for electronics and appliance stores in Federal Way. In 2017, Teletron opened downtown.


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