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Arts, Entertainment, & Recreation

Downtown Federal Way


Businesses in this category include facilities or services that meet the varied cultural, entertainment, and recreational interests of their patrons. Downtown offers recreational facilities such as gyms and fitness facilities as well as entertainment centers such as arcades. Additionally, Downtown Federal Way serves residents through diverse cultural points of interest such as the Historical Society of Federal Way, Town Square Park and the newly built Federal Way Performing Arts & Events Center.


Downtown Federal Way has 16 arts, entertainment, and recreation establishments/facilities. Eight of these establishments are amusement and recreation related. One is the City’s performing arts facility, and one is the Federal Way Historical Society. Also there are two gyms, two yoga studios, three martial arts facilities, and one fitness-oriented daycare. For entertainment, there are two movie theatres and two arcades/video game cafes.


Downtown is marked by its cultural richness, emerging performance arts, and abundance of recreational activities. It is served by two parks, Town Square Park in the City Center Core and Steel Lake Park situated to the north along the City Center Frame.  Downtown has the newest performing arts venue in the Puget Sound region  the Federal Way Performing Arts and Event Center. 


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